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So Little Time And So Much To Do: The Impact Of Pacing Strategies On The Accuracy Of Ability Results

It’s a job you really want and the first interview went well. Now they’ve got you sitting in front of a computer in a testing room. You have been given the instructions and tried some example questions. The administrator has left the room and the ability test has begun. Seven minutes fifty-nine seconds, seven minutes [...]

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Faking It

As I/O psychologists we are extremely reliant on the accuracy of the data that is presented to us. Decisions are made on the basis that what is presented is indeed factual and accurate. But how much data is ever cross-examined?

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The Biology of Traits

A fundamental question around the value of personality testing that has been raised is the basis for traits in the first place. As a foundation, we must look to neuroscience and genetics.

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Are Tests Really That Different?

One of the myths I have long spoken about is the idea that there are great differences between various psychological tests. In essence, the argument is that if there is a science to personality, or cognitive ability, what they measure must be similar.

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