Welcome Onboard: Tips for Staff Recruitment

I estimate there will be a lot of ‘first days’ for staff in January 2014, if the volume of assessment testing for recruitment that we did leading up to Christmas is anything to go by.  But consider these facts: Half of all senior external hires fail within 18 months in a new position; Almost [...]

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Welcome On Board: A Strategic Approach to Onboarding New Staff

Organisations need to take a serious look at how they onboard new staff.  Although a topic of interest inside human resource circles, the typical onboarding programme is little more than a dressed up orientation that involves pulling new hires through a range of sessions covering corporate policy, history, compliance, as well as basic job [...]

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Employee Onboarding: The Total Picture

In recent years, there has been a proliferation of software on the market all claiming to assist in the employee on-boarding process, and in doing so, deliver various organisational returns such as increased employee engagement, commitment, productivity, as well as reduce intentions to leave and turnover. On-boarding refers to the process by which a [...]

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