You, Lead? You Don’t Even Know Where You’re Going!

At OPRA we spend a lot of time thinking and talking about leadership. We work to help people become more effective leaders, enabling them to better understand their staff, relate to them, guide them, motivate, and influence them. Likewise, literature abounds with theories and models of what makes an exceptionally effective leader. However the [...]

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Leadership Development: Have We Cut Off Our Nose To Spite Our Face?

With an interest in New Zealand’s upcoming leadership week, I read an interesting article suggesting that some organisations have inadvertently reduced their future leadership pool over recent years. In response to a changing economic environment, a need to reduce costs, and the tendency to follow stringent leadership models, organisations may have reduced their ‘leadership pipeline’ [...]

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What makes someone a good leader, and how this can be learnt or at least predicted (moderating for current time and place effects, and avoiding the capture of cliché concepts), is still unclear.

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