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A Big Theory

For my last blog on the psychological articles in the Economist, I would like to draw people’s attention away from I/O psychology and into more fundamental science. For those that don’t know, Stephen Hawkins is attempting to find a unifying theory of the universe that connects both theories of the very large (such as gravity) [...]

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Divide 2: The UK/US Divide

It is often surprising to find out that the US and UK have very different histories and philosophies. These differences were discussed in a couple of articles in the June 2006 edition of the "Journal of Occupational and Organizational Psychology".

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The Great Divides in I/O Psychology: Divide 1 Practitioner vs. Scientist

I have often discussed the role of science in our discipline and have argued that it has consistently played a back role to commercialisation and marketing. This is perhaps the greatest divide in the discipline.

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