Ethics in Our Profession – Finding More Questions Than Answers

Today, guidelines defined by the established professional bodies such as the Australian Psychological Society (APS), British Psychological Society (BPS), and the American Psychological Association (APA) are referred to as the benchmark for ethical practice in psychology.

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Faking It

As I/O psychologists we are extremely reliant on the accuracy of the data that is presented to us. Decisions are made on the basis that what is presented is indeed factual and accurate. But how much data is ever cross-examined?

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The New MBA Oath

In light of the recent economic crisis, there are a new set of selection criteria being touted as crucial to work in the financial sector and business in general. As covered in the Economist (June 6, 2009) some students are now taking an oath prior to graduation to operate in a manner that ‘will does [...]

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