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Lift employee engagement and target organisational development initiatives with OPRA surveys

Business leaders are under increasing scrutiny to do more with less, to work smarter not harder, and do so under tight financial constraints.

Against this backdrop it is more critical than ever that staff feel engaged and are emotionally invested in their professional and personal development.

This is where the OPRA Survey plays a pivotal role.

  • Increase employee ownership for their own development
  • Reinforce strengths and untapped potential
  • Fine-tune your employee brand and value proposition
  • Uncover options to attract and retain talent and more…
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360 Degree Surveys

OPRA offer a range of 360 degree survey options addressing both feedforward and feedback.

Whereas a 360 feedback survey focuses on giving specific insight to current behaviour and potential gaps, feedforward focuses attention on future-focused, expected behaviours.

Behind each survey is powerful analytics to give you a clear line-of-sight across all results. Easy-to-read charts and narrative show you what is working, what is not, and allow you to track improvements over time.

Feedback and feedforward surveys offer a range of important benefits:

  • Increased self-awareness of work-related behaviours.
  • Increased awareness of co-worker and manager expectations.
  • Improved communication around current versus future development options.
  • Increased ownership of personal development.
  • More focused development interventions.

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Culture Surveys

A culture survey is a powerful tool to better understand the shared values that underpin performance, as well as identify cultural areas for change.

OPRA distributes the Denison Culture Survey, which is designed specifically to link culture to bottom-line performance.

This tool differs from other surveys in that it:

  • Provides the option to include your own questions, unique to your organisation;
  • Allows you to gather qualitative as well as quantitative ratings;
  • Will compare your organisational profile to over 1000+ organisations globally;
  • Provides suggestions for change that are actionable, measurable, and link to real-world outcomes;
  • Provides a measure of your organisation’s progress towards achieving a high performance culture and optimum results.

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Entry & Exit Surveys

OPRA’s Entry Survey allows you to check if you are meeting the expectations of new starters and what still needs to be done to support their role, team, and cultural adjustment.

While losing employees is a natural part of running an organisation, understanding why people leave can give you insight into what processes are working and where improvements still need to be made.

OPRA Exit and Entry Surveys provide insight to:

  • The push/pull factors contributing to staff entry or exit.
  • Organisational aspects staff value.
  • Gaps between job expectations and reality.
  • Options to increase talent retention and loyalty.

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