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Sick of saying “goodbye” to good staff? 

Sounds like you need a custom Staff Retention Strategy. 

Having a good team around you is pivotal to the success of your business, as well as staff morale. When employees leave, that turnover can cost you big time. High staff turnover negatively impacts the entire workforce, bringing down productivity, engagement, and workplace enjoyment for the staff that choose to stay. Financially, turnover can cost employers $15,000 per worker.  

You’re not alone

Staff retention is becoming an increasingly common issue across Australian businesses — even if your workplace is attractive and seems to offer it all. As big companies increase salaries to attract quality staff, small and medium businesses are struggling to compete, and lose key employees in the process…

Thankfully, huge pay packages aren’t the only answer to helping your staff stick around.

Staff retention that actually works

Our custom Staff Retention Strategies are completely tailored to the unique challenges your business is facing. By focusing on six key areas (the balance of each depends on your business), our strategies actively respond to staff concerns whilst filling business and human resources gaps you may have not even been aware of.

Emerging Leadership Development
Succession Planning
Existing Leadership Development
Soft Skills Development
Talent Management
Professional Development

What are you waiting for?

We’re ready to support your business with a clever Staff Retention Strategy that gives real results. To explore this in more detail, let’s sit down for a chat about your business, its culture, and the challenges you’re facing.

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