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Select the best using OPRA’s psychometric testing and assessment tools

Designed by experts, OPRA’s psychometric assessments give you a deep and accurate insight into someone’s future potential as well as their values, drivers, and motivations.

Every day, we assist organisations dramatically enhance their productivity by supporting them select the right people for the right roles. And we do it on the basis of a thorough understanding of current, as well as future, role requirements, team, and cultural fit.

Whether you are looking to acquire talent from the outside or develop your internal HR expertise, OPRA can equip you with the tools and know-how to seamlessly integrate testing into your selection activity. Alternatively, we can manage each step of the assessment process entirely on your behalf.

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“Thank you so much for all the work your team has done to get us across the line with our new test platform. We are absolutely delighted the transition has gone so smoothly.”

Andrea Swan
National Manager Recruitment
New Zealand Police

Choose the assessment test that’s right for the job

In general, psychometric tests can be divided into two broad categories – tests of ability and personality. Both types of test are important for selection and are among our best predictors of workplace performance. In addition to both options, OPRA offers a comprehensive portfolio of tests measuring situational judgement, skill, interest, values, team-fit, and preference.

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The OPRA test library includes more than 800 assessments and over 20 language options.

Personality and Ability

Organisational Psychometric Testing, General Mental Ability OPRA Psychology Group

General Mental Ability

Identify individuals who can problem solve and quickly pick up new learning using words, numbers, and abstract concepts.

Organisational Psychometric Testing, Adaptive Reasoning OPRA Psychology Group

Adaptive Reasoning

Measure just one component of ability; verbal, numerical, or abstract reasoning.

Organisational Psychometric Testing, Personality OPRA Psychology Group


Understand how people interact, make decisions, deal with pressure, and cope with change.

Organisational Psychometric Testing, Critical Thinking OPRA Psychology Group

Critical Thinking

Identify people who can critically evaluate verbal and numerical information presented in written format, tables, and charts.

Organisational Psychometric Testing, Integrity OPRA Psychology Group


Identify people who will behave in a responsible way by exploring their attitude to policy compliance, theft, and distrustful behaviour.

Interest, Emotional Intelligence, and Engagement



Measure organisational fit by exploring an individual’s personal beliefs and attitudes that influence workplace behaviour.

Engagement Assessment


Enhance employee engagement by creating greater awareness of an individual’s role, team, manager, and cultural motivators.

Emotional Intelligence Assessment

Emotional Intelligence

Understand how well an individual can identify and respond to emotions within themselves and others.

Occupational Interest Profile Assessment

Occupational Interest Profile

Understand an individual’s vocational interests and work needs.

Learning Ability Assessment

Learning Styles

Help individuals explore their preferences for learning new information.

Interactive Solutions


Video Interview

Replace time consuming pre-screening with an automated interview that reflects your selection criteria and showcases your brand.


Practical Scenarios

Over 200 ready-to-use practical scenarios to support high volume, specialist, and leadership assessment and development.


Game-based Simulations

An interactive way to measure problem solving, planning, attention to detail, and reasoning using real-work scenarios.

Role Specific Assessments

Health and Safety

Identify people who are more likely to engage in safe workplace practices and avoid risk-taking behaviour.



Predict someone’s aptitude for a role in sales and/or a position requiring networking and influencing.


Clerical and Administration

Measure the aptitude for clerical and administrative roles by assessing verbal, numerical, checking, and spelling.



Identify people with an aptitude for warehousing, factory, and process-orientated roles.


Quickly identify people with the aptitude required for engineering and mechanically based roles.

Skills and Knowledge

Skills and Knowledge

Choose from more than 200 test titles covering an extensive range of skill and knowledge areas. Quickly identify people with the aptitude required for engineering and mechanically based roles.


Become an assessment partner

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There are multiple reasons why organisations take OPRA tests in-house and manage their own assessment activity. Sometimes it is to capitalise on cost and time savings, or better utilise in-house talent. For a number of our reseller partners, OPRA’s assessment platform expands a service offering or complements an existing product line.

Whatever the reason, OPRA’s psychometric test platform empowers you to take control of the assessment process and is;

  • Accessible from any desktop, laptop, or tablet device
  • Provides complete flexibility around the administration, scoring, and reporting of test results
  • Supports a range of payment options to suit bulk or one-off recruitment
  • Has been built with integration in mind
  • Lends itself to wider talent management and career board reporting
  • Support multiple reporting options to ensure a clear line of sight across all candidate data