Rhys Goodridge

BA Psychology (Hons)

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Rhys Goodridge

Contact Details

: +61 8 9323 8831
: rhys.goodridge@opragroup.com

Rhys is a Consultant at the Perth office of OPRA Psychology Group. He holds a Bachelor of Psychology (Honours) and is currently finalising his Master of Psychology (Organisational) degree.

Rhys enjoys working on a variety of projects and is passionate about mental health in the workplace. He is interested in stress management, mindfulness, Healthy Thinking, and resilience, especially in the role that psychometric assessments and development programs can play in making workplaces healthier and more productive. Rhys supports and delivers OPRA projects and products throughout Australia, playing a key role in client account management and project coordination.

Outside of work, Rhys enjoys cooking a variety of foods from around the world, playing board games with his friends, and reading long fantasy novels.