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  • Assessment and Development Centres – Factors for Success (MacGregor, 2010)
  • Intelligence in Relation to Jung’s Personality Types (Furnham, Moutafi & Paltiel, 2005)
  • Intelligence: The Relationship between Conscientiousness and Fluid and Crystallised Intelligence (Wood & Englert, 2009)
  • Personality & Performance at the Beginning of the New Millennium – What Do We Know and Where Do We Go Next? (Barrick, Mount, & Judge, 2000)
  • Navigating the Maze of Psychometrics (Englert, 2009)
  • Centre stage: Assessment and Development Centres (Teresa Callow, Employment Today, February 2010)
  • Validation of the Chinese Cultural Awareness Checklist: The Effect of Expertise and Personality Characteristics (Katie Stevenson, Masters of Applied Psychology project, University of Canterbury)
  • Consultants – Choosing and Using Consultants (Englert, Burke & Bauer, 2006)
  • Creating a Coaching Culture (Wood, 2011)
  • The Development of a Theoretical Based Competency Model (MacGregor & Englert, Unpublished)
  • The Effect of Transformational Leadership Style and Emotional Intelligence on Subordinate Satisfaction with Their Leader (Simon O’ Sullivan, Masters thesis, University of Canterbury)
  • Emotional Intelligence and Occupational Stress: Across Different Levels of Management (Michelle King, Masters thesis, Massey University)
  • An Investigation Into the Relationship Between Emotional Intelligence and Workplace Performance: An Exploratory Study (Emille Cumming, Masters of Commerce and Management thesis, Lincoln University)
  • Emotional Intelligence in the New Zealand Police: Exploring Its Effects on Occupational Stress and Career Outcomes (Martin Adams, Masters thesis, University of Auckland)
  • Exit Interviewing – How to Keep Your Best People (Macgregor & Wood, 2009)
  • Full Circle Feedback: 360 Surveying (Sommerville & Brown, 2011)
  • 360 Surveying – A Checklist for Introducing 360 Degree Feedback
  • Getting the Most Out of Exit Interviewing (Sommerville & Snowise, 2011)
  • Norms – Using Norms in the Interpretation of Test Results (Eatwell, 1997)
  • The Myths and Realities of Psychometric Testing Part 1 Part 2 (Englert, Burke & Macgregor, 2006; 2007)
  • Psychometric Assessments – Comparing Apples (Sommervile & Wood, 2010)
  • Differentiating Recruitment Firms (Englert, Burke & Bauer, 2008)
  • International Perspectives on the Legal Environment for Selection (Myors et al., 2008)
  • How to Keep Your Best People: Retention Strategies (MacGregor & Wood, Employment Today, October 2009 )


Learn Links

American Psychological Association
Portal entry to all APA activities, including events, memberships, and publications.

Australian Psychological Society
Website for all Psychological disciplines in Australia, including events, publications and up to date news.

European Association for Developmental Psychology
A foundation that fosters the study of developmental science throughout Europe for the public benefit, and supports and trains young European researchers.

European Association of Social Psychology
EASP is a scientific professional organization of social psychologists. It organizes a variety of research activities and is responsible for a range of journals that report significant research contributions.

European Network of Organisational Psychologists
Provides the European curriculum (reference model and minimum standards) for those studying and working in the field of industrial psychology in Europe.

The European Federation of Psychologists’ Associations
EFPA provides a forum for European cooperation in a wide range of fields of academic training, psychology practice and research.

European Society for Cognitive Psychology
ESCP encourages scientific research through the publication of the Journal of Cognitive Psychology.

The Human Resources Institute of New Zealand
HRINZ is the professional organisation for those who are interested or involved in Human Resource Management and development of people.

New Zealand I/O Psychology Division
This site aims to provide resources for industrial and organisational psychologists, in New Zealand, to be more effective in their practice and careers. Information includes upcoming conferences, reviews, core skills, courses and study, and best practice guidelines.

New Zealand Psychologists Board
Provides information for registered psychologists, details on how to become a registered psychologist, and other information on practising psychology in New Zealand.

The New Zealand Psychological Society
The largest professional association for psychologists in Aotearoa/New Zealand with over 1500 practitioner, academic and student members or subscribers.

Organization Development Network
Organization Development Network (ODN) is an association of organisation-development practitioners representing a range of professional roles in a wide variety of organisations.

Singapore Psychological Society
Founded in 1979, SPS has as its aims the advancement of psychology as a science and as a profession in Singapore.

Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology
A professional organization that promotes the “science, practice, and teaching” of industrial and organizational (I/O) psychology.

The Society for Industrial and Organisational Psychology
Provides information on the Society, conferences, jobs in the area, and local associations.

Career Resource
A resource and link site to other information, organisations, and agencies in regards to careers.

KiwiCareers – Industrial and Organisational Psychologist
Provides information about what is required to be an Industrial and Organisational Psychologist, and the career options available in New Zealand.

US Department of Labor, Employment and Administration website.

Occupational Outlook Handbook
A US-government-run career information portal.

Wall Street Journal – Career Page
Career information, job-hunting advice, online tools, and jobs online.

Which Career
A site designed to assist you in choosing a career.

Claremont Graduate School
General website of a world leader in I/O psychology research and tuition.

Massey University
Information on the Post Graduate Diploma in I/O Psychology offered by the Psychology Department at Massey University in New Zealand.

Psychology Departments on the Web
An extensive worldwide list of psychology departments and universities around the world.

Society of Industrial and Organisational Psychology
Listing of Graduate I/O programmes in the US, with some worldwide inclusions.

University of Canterbury
Information on Applied Psychology programmes offered through the Psychology Department at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand.

University of Waikato
Information on The Master of Applied Psychology degree offered by the Psychology Department at the University of Waikato in New Zealand.

Victoria University of Wellington
General pages for the Psychology Department at Victoria University in New Zealand.

Department of Labor (USA)
Link to an abundance of agencies with plenty of information about health and safety, job classification, etc.

HR World
A place to find HR information, resources, and opportunities.

Human Resource Institute of New Zealand (HRINZ)
Professional association for HR practitioners in New Zealand.

Strategic Human Resource Management
A society that aims to advance the human resource profession in order for it to be recognised as an essential partner in developing and executing organisational strategy.

Academy of Management Journal
Provides information and services for members of the Academy, prospective authors for the journal, and the journal’s editorial board.

Administrative Science Quarterly
This journal is dedicated to advancing the understanding of administration through empirical investigation and theoretical analysis. It publishes organisational theory papers from a number of disciplines, including organisational behaviour and theory, sociology, psychology, strategic management, economics, public administration, and industrial relations.

Evolutionary Psychology
A journal that aims to foster communication between experimental and theoretical work, on the one hand, and historical, conceptual, and interdisciplinary writings across the whole range of the biological and human sciences, on the other.

Group Organisation Management
A forum for the latest research and analysis in organisational behaviour, organisation theory, business strategy, and human resources.

Human Resource Development International
HRDI promotes all aspects of practice and research that explore issues of individual, group, and organisational learning and performance.

Industrial and Labor Relations Review
A leading interdisciplinary journal publishing original research on all aspects of the employment relationship, including collective bargaining, labour law, labour markets, social security and protective labour legislation, management and personnel, human resources, worker participation, workplace health and safety, organisational behaviour, comparative industrial relations, and labour history.

This unique journal in psychology is devoted to publishing original research, theoretical studies, and review papers that substantially contribute to the understanding of intelligence.

International Journal of Training and Development
This is an international forum for the reporting of high-quality research, analysis, and debate for the benefit of the academic and corporate communities, as well as those engaged in public policy formulation and implementation.

Journal of Business and Psychology
Publishes empirical research, case studies, and literature reviews dealing with psychological concepts and services implemented in business settings. Subjects include: personnel selection and training; organisational assessment and development; risk management and loss control; marketing and consumer behaviour research.

Journal of Occupational and Organisational Psychology
Publishes empirical and conceptual papers, which aim to increase understanding of people and organisations at work. Papers include industrial, organisational, engineering, vocational and personnel psychology, as well as behavioural aspects of industrial relations, ergonomics, human factors, and industrial sociology.

Journal of Organizational Behavior
Aims to report and review the growing research in the industrial/organisational psychology and organisational behaviour fields throughout the world. The journal focusses on research and theory in all the topics associated with occupational/organisational behaviour including: motivation; work performance; equal opportunities at work; job design; career processes; occupational stress; quality of work life; job satisfaction; personnel selection; training; organisational change; research methodology in occupational/organisational behaviour; employment; job analysis; behavioural aspects of industrial relations; managerial behaviour; organisational structure and climate, leadership and power.

Journal of Quantitative Psychology
Online version of the journal, plus some additional online information.

Journal of Vocational Behavior
The Journal of Vocational Behavior publishes empirical and theoretical articles that expand knowledge of vocational behaviour and career development across the life span. Research presented in the journal encompasses the general categories of career choice, implementation, and vocational adjustment and adaptation.

Leadership Organisation Development Journal
Aims to provide penetrating insights into the expected qualities of leaders in the current climate. It presents research and views on making and developing dynamic leaders, how organisations can and will change, and how leaders can affect this.

NZ Journal of Human Resources Management
An electronic journal using the Internet to collate, review, and publish original material on the development and practice of human resource management in New Zealand and the South Pacific region.

Organisational Research Methods
A peer-reviewed journal that brings relevant methodological developments to a wide range of researchers in organisational and management studies, promoting a more effective understanding of current and new methodologies as applied in organisational settings.

Organization Studies
An international multi-disciplinary journal devoted to the study of organisations, which explores new theories, methods, and contexts that can help extend our knowledge of organisation theory.

SPJP – The South Pacific Journal of Psychology
The twin aims of SPJP are to contribute towards development in the region, as well as in psychology itself, as a discipline and profession, within the South Pacific. In particular, this journal provides a forum for psychologists indigenous to the region, and serves as an archive for psychological studies especially germane to its development.

The Academy of Management Review
A scholarly journal for the organisational sciences published by the US Academy of Management. AMR ranks as one of the most influential business journals, publishing academically rigorous and conceptual papers that advance the science and practice of management.

Psychology Today
A magazine that focuses on behavior and covers a range of topics including psychology, neuroscience, relationships, health, work and the psychological aspects of current affairs.

Buros Institute of Mental Measures
Locate resources, information, and reviews on all kinds of tests, with a particular focus on the American education sector.

Mind Tools
A resource with testing tools, research, and articles on specific areas of applied psychology, such as stress, problem solving, and sports psychology.

Personality Testing and Assessment Legality Issues
Information and tips that deal with specific issues, including validity, reliability, and legality within the successful selection and recruitment process.

The British Psychological Society Psychological Testing Centre
An informative guide to testing, managed by the British Psychological Society.