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Who Is OPRA Group?

OPRA is a world-class distributor and developer of psychometric assessments. Designed by experts, OPRA assessments give you a deep and accurate insight into someone’s potential as well as their values, drivers, and motivations.

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What’s In It For You?

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Access to over 800 tests

With more than 800 assessments in over 20 different languages, there is a test for every job. Testing the ability or/and personality of a candidate? The choice is yours. In addition, OPRA offers a comprehensive portfolio of tests measuring situational judgement, skill, interest, values, team-fit and preference.

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Increased Quality of Hires

OPRA’s Psychometric Testing will find you a high performer rather than an average performer. With years of experience in psychometric testing, OPRA will provide you with a deep insight into someone’s future potential, values, drives and motivations.


Reducing Recruitment Costs

Well-designed assessment tests can cut recruitment costs by a lot but also reduce the time a new recruit takes to become fully effective. Working with OPRA will save you cost, not only short term but long term.


Decrease in Staff Turnover

Staff that are well selected and right for the job, will stay in the company long-term. Testing potential candidates will help finding a quality long term employee. This benefits not only the company culture but also cuts costs.


Less Time to Shortlist

Shortlisting candidates can be a tedious and time intensive task. OPRA is here to take the pressure off you by presenting the best fitting candidates to your organisation. This will not only save you money but reduce the stress of filtering out the perfect candidate.

Why Us?


We respond in a timely way with our best work


We build relationships with our clients and maintain them


We understand your industry and challenges you face


We are here to support you all the way

Partnership model

We work in a partnership with you for better results

What Now?

Get in touch with us now and see how we can help you find the perfect candidate.

After contacting OPRA, you can expect a reply within 2 business days. From there, we will work with you to better understand your requirements and offer a solution to fit your business needs.

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What Our Clients Say

“Thank you so much for all the work your team has done to get us across the line with our new test platform. We are absolutely delighted the transition has gone so smoothly.”

Andrea Swan, National Manager Recruitment
New Zealand Police

“OPRA has been first class at working to our tough deadlines
and quickly gaining an understanding of the issues faced by a
high performing business.”

Kelly Gough, People and Culture Manager
Silver Chef

“OPRA is a clear leader of Organisational Psychology and their
solutions have given us great insights to help improve our people’s awareness and safety performance.”

Stephen Falconer, Regional Finance Manager
Tip Top, George Weston Foods