Psychometric Accreditation Training 2020

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Location & Dates


11-12 February
10-11 June
14-15 October


5-6 May
25-26 August
17-18 November


24-25 March
23-24 September


3-4 March
26-27 May
18-19 August
24-25 November


29-30 April
22-23 July
28-29 October


13-14 May


25-26 March
16-17 September


26-27 February
22-23 July
21-22 October

Psychometric Assessments have been proven to make a significant impact on recruitment, training and development. The Psychometric Accreditation Training provides participants with an understanding of how to interpret and apply them in the workplace.

This 2-day interactive workshop encourages individuals to discuss complex real life cases and provides applied and practical solutions through group participation and discussions. During this workshop participants will:

  • Be introduced to the GeneSys Suite of Psychometric Assessments
  • Develop the necessary skills to interpret cognitive and personality assessments
  • Apply the results to interview questions, reference checks, work sample test and talent management strategies
  • Explore factors that may influence test outcomes
  • Learn the basics of applied statistics
  • Discuss individual case studies
  • Learn how to provide feedback to Hiring Managers and candidates

All participants will be issued with a Psychometric Accreditation Training certificate, upon completion of all pre and post training coursework, which provides eligibility to gain global certification with the European Federation of Psychologist’s Associations (EFPA).

What our clients have to say about the training

“I highly recommend this training – it was fun and practical!”
– Boehringer Ingelheim

“After attending this training I left with the knowledge that I want to gain and more. I am now confident in providing feedback. Training has helped me with performance management and the on-boarding of new staff which has proved invaluable”
– Kelly Services

“The GeneSys training was a fantastic couple of days that I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to get more value out of psychometric testing. The course opened my eyes to the number of ways in which we can use psychometric testing to add real value in our recruitment processes and beyond.”
– Mars


9am to 5pm (meals incl.)


To book, please go to our website: or phone or email below:
P: (02) 4044 0450


NZ$1,450 (ex GST)