Lena Neumeier

BA (Psych), MA (Org Psych)

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Lena Neumeier

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: +61 2 4044 0450
: lena.neumeier@opragroup.com

Lena is an Organisational Psychology Consultant at the Perth office of OPRA Psychology Group. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Psychology and a Master of Science in Organisational Psychology from the University of Munich (Germany). Lena has consulted international as well as national organisations in a wide range of sectors for over 9 years, with a strong focus on employee engagement, workplace mental health, coaching, facilitation and leadership development.

Lena is passionate about utilising the science of organisational psychology and positive psychology to create evidence-based strategies that result in healthier, happier, and higher-performing workplaces.

At OPRA, Lena plays a key role in client account management and delivering OPRA solutions and services throughout Perth and Australia. She is particularly interested in the application of psychometric testing to help organisations select and develop talents and high potentials. She is a strong advocate for applying evidence-based strategies on the organisational, leader and individual level and loves facilitating training and coaching programmes that bring out the best in people.

Outside of work, Lena loves travelling, catching up with friends outdoors or over delicious drinks, playing the guitar and learning new things. Most recently she has started to learn kitesurfing and doing handstands (not simultaneously!).