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GeneSys Assessment Sample Reports & Manuals2021-03-26T10:14:41+08:00

The following sample reports and technical manuals are available for download.

360 Survey & Aptitude and Ability

360 Survey

OPRA offer a range of 360-degree survey options addressing both feedforward and feedback. Whereas a 360 feedback survey focuses on giving specific insight to current behaviour and potential gaps, feedforward focuses attention on future-focused, expected behaviours.

Aptitude and Ability – ART

Based on sophisticated Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT) technology, the adaptive reasoning test offers an efficient way of yielding maximum information in minimum time.

Aptitude and Ability – GRT1 & GRT2

A comprehensive and in-depth measure of mental ability, GRT1 has been designed to assess high-level reasoning ability. The GRT1 can identify people who can reason logically with words and numbers, quickly grasp new concepts, and are quick-thinking problem solvers.

A comprehensive, detailed and accurate measure of mental agility, the GRT2 has been designed to assess the reasoning power for those of general ability.

Aptitude and Ability – MRT2

Mechanical Reasoning (MRT2) measures the ability to understand mechanical concepts and physical principles in operation.

Aptitude and Ability – AdaptG

Based on sophisticated Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT) technology, the adaptive reasoning test offers an efficient way of yielding maximum information in minimum time.

Aptitude and Ability – CRBT

Critical Reasoning is an ability that is central to all roles that require the incumbent to make logical decisions based on complex information. The CRTB series comprises of two sub-tests which measure verbal and numerical critical reasoning. These can be administered either individually or together.

Aptitude and Ability – IPT

The Industrial Proficiency Test (IPT) is a robust measure of reasoning ability specifically designed for warehousing, factory, and process-orientated roles.

Aptitude and Ability – IRT4

The Internet Reasoning Test (IRT4) is an assessment that has been designed to assess general reasoning ability and is available for unsupervised administration.

Aptitude and Ability – TTB2

TTB2 measures the core skills that are required for selecting and assessing staff for engineering apprenticeships, craft apprenticeships or technical training.

Personality & Preference

Personality & Preference – 15FQ+

The Fifteen Factor Questionnaire Plus (15FQ+) is an assessment of personality and individual differences. Based on the extensively researched model of personality first identified by Cattell, the 15FQ+ provides an in-depth measure of behavioural preferences across Cattell’s 16 personality constructs.

Personality & Preference – OIP+

The Occupational Interest Profile (OIP+) provides a comprehensive assessment to support career guidance and professional development.

Personality & Preference – VMI

The Value and Motives Inventory (VMI) profiles a person’s values and motivations.

Personality & Preference – WAI

The Work Attitudes Inventory (WAI) is a measure of an individual’s personal integrity and ethics in a work context.

Personality & Preference – JTI

The Jung-Type Indicator (JTI) is based on the work of Swiss Psychologist Carl Jung who identified how our preferences influence how we relate to the world and others around us. The JTI is a modern alternative to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

Personality & Preference – LSI

The Learning Styles Indicator (LSI) assesses a person’s learning style, helping them identify the strategies they most and least prefer to adopt when assimilating new material.

Personality & Preference – OPI

The Overseas Preparation Indicator (OPI) provides potential expatriates with a framework for assessing their readiness for an offshore placement.

Personality & Preference – SPI

The Sales Performance Indicator (SPI) provides an invaluable insight into characteristic behaviours in sales-related environments and enables you to identify people best suited to different sales roles.

Specialist Solutions

Specialist Solutions – CCSI

The Contact Centre Scenario Inventory (CCSI) offers an effective assessment tool for selecting and/or developing people who work in contact centres.

Specialist Solutions – EWQ

The Employee Wellbeing Survey (EWQ) was developed in a programme of research on occupational stress, and has general relevance to psychological health at work, job satisfaction and job demands, or workload.

Specialist Solutions – Sales Roles

The General Sales Solution assesses a range of personality and motivational characteristics that represent a tendency towards effective sales behaviour.

Specialist Solutions – CMAP+

The Career Motivation Analysis Profile (CMAP) was designed to provide a comprehensive and fully integrated assessment for career guidance and development.

Specialist Solutions – HSI

Used in conjunction with other robust selection tools, the Health and Safety Indicator (HSI) is a useful aid to reduce the incidence of health and safety incidents and workplace accidents.