A strategic solution not a transactional service.


What sets us apart?

Each of our five business arms is integrated with, and connected to, all others.
This allows us to deliver strategic solutions not a transactional service.

Solutions Catalogue
global footprint

Global footprint –
Local expertise

We have you covered with OPRA staff throughout Asia-Pacific and 30 consulting partners spread world-wide.

Research +

Our commitment to research means that you can predict performance and measure potential among new and existing staff with confidence.


Constant innovation

We led the way with Skype and adaptive testing. Now our mobile test platform offers total flexibility and seamlessly integrates with any ATS or TMS.

Total transparency

You don’t have to sign up to stuff to access our research. We also share all normative data which we bi-annually update at no cost.


Flexible e-learning

We understand people’s time is precious, so that’s why we offer e-learning options for our most popular Accredit programmes.

Transforming lives

Grounded in positive psychology, our Develop programmes incorporate blended, inspirational content for the adult learner and transform lives.

transforming lives