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Talent management to create future leaders

OPRA design and deliver award-winning leadership development and talent management programmes that transform lives and produce measurable results.

Each programme is built with the adult learner in mind, and uses a combination of blended learning that is supported by inspirational content and contemporary research. Not only does our approach make the learning more engaging, but provides greater assurance that knowledge will be embedded and that participants will experience sustained behavioural change.

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“When individuals do the types of tasks they are motivated to do, experience a leadership style they find motivating, and work in a team and organisation aligned to their preferences, their engagement improves dramatically.”

Dr Ben Palmer
Chief Executive
Genos International

Our Philosophy

All our talent and leadership development programmes are built on the principles of positive psychology and an understanding that REAL learning only occurs when self-awareness, participation, and a tangible sense of progress are evident.

Alongside OPRA REAL® we incorporate blended learning that works using a comprehensive mix of psychometric assessment, face-to-face workshops, self-directed learning assignments, on-going coaching, and performance support aids.

In addition, we offer train-the-trainer options to build in-house capability that enables you to cost-effectively maintain programme momentum.

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Our Approach

The 70:20:10 Approach

OPRA accredited facilitators/coaches
Participant action planning
Learning assignments

Blended Learning

Experiential learning and reflection
Facilitated group discussions
Self-paced practice
Peer learning partnerships
e-Learning and webinar options

OPRA Assessment & Evaluation

Relevant pre-work
Self–insight assessment
Learner reaction
Behavioural change
Pre- and-post course metrics

Modularised Programmes

Easy digestible learning chunks
Flexible content
Pick and mix options

Our Programmes

Talent Management Develop Healthy Thinking OPRA Psychology Group

Develop Healthy Thinking & Resilience

Treat the 10 most frequent unhealthy attitudes and upskill staff in proven Emotional Algebra™ techniques to effectively manage such things as stress, frustration, and anxiety.
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Talent Management Emotional Intelligence OPRA Psychology Group

Develop Emotional Intelligence

A multi-award winning programme to equip staff more effectively recognise and respond to emotions, as well as enhance their impact, influence, and emotional resilience.
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Talent Management Learning Agility OPRA Psychology Group

Develop Cognitive Agility

Equip individuals to challenge redundant mental models, learn from new experiences, and apply their knowledge to perform in new and challenging situations.
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Talent Management Motivation and Engagement OPRA Psychology Group

Develop Motivation & Engagement

Explore engagement in terms of role, team, manager, and cultural factors and create a shared responsibility for lifting engagement between a manager and employee.
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Talent Management Team Effectiveness OPRA Psychology Group

Develop Cohesive Teams

Immerse people in a team-building experience and provide them with a common language to better leverage off their own and others contribution to the group.
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Develop Optimal Self

Develop Optimal Self

Support individuals to raise awareness of their objective self, build their self-confidence, and experience themselves as being competent in their ability to learn, make appropriate decisions, and respond effectively to change.
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Effective Communications

Develop Effective Communication

Learn the essentials of effective communication, understand the push and pull of information, and create the conditions for accelerating relationship development, collaboration, and win-win outcomes.
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Occupational Interest Profile Assessment

Develop Defining Leadership

Explore the difference between leadership and management, reflect on your own motivation to lead, and learn various leadership models to help you define and develop your optimal leadership self.
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Developing Leaders for the Future

Developing high functioning leaders requires a systematic, methodical approach underpinned by proven science. OPRA has reviewed the psychological literature to identify the core components of leadership development and combined these components into a unique programme to help leaders realise their potential.

Starting with the development of self, the programme focus on optimising performance through a deep understanding of participant strengths and weaknesses and developing the strength of character to engage with the world with purpose and integrity. Key skills such as emotional intelligence, cognitive agility and healthy thinking supplement this self-knowledge to ensure participants can realise their true potential. Having developed oneself, a person is then able to be a credible leader of others.

Similar to the development of self, being able to develop others requires mastery of key skills such as effective communication, managing, motivating, and understanding others. Time is crucial, and the good leadership training needs to develop the optimal leader in the shortest time by focussing on the critical skills that make a difference. Through a blending learning approach, OPRA can develop leaders to help them realise their potential, in the quickest possible time.

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