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OPRA Brandon Award

The current global health crisis has brought into focus the need for organisations and individuals to adapt quickly to change. The world of work has already seen massive changes brought on by technological developments and broader social change. OPRA’s career development tools facilitate the development of critical skills needed for the future, through an online, customised, and self-directed learning experience. Contact us to understand how OPRA’s award-winning solution can help your organisation better prepare your people for the future of work.

Transitioning to a New Normal

Industry leaders, WesTrac, NZ Police and JLL, discuss innovations and strategies for adapting to the new normal, post-COVID-19, and provide insights into how their workplaces are adjusting to going back to work. To listen to the recorded panel discussion click below.

opra transitioning to a new normal

Whether your team are working fully remote, are operating in rotations, or only select staff have changed their work location, many organisations are starting to focus on a return to their pre-COVID-19 state of work or some type of ‘new norm’.


Recruiting for Current Times

recruiting for current times

How can we actively select employees who are likely to be more effective working remotely than others? We know that personality preferences can predict a person’s job performance but can we predict remote job performance through understanding and measuring candidates’ personality?


Job Design & Employee Resilience

Job Design

Is your approach to job design working in our current work context? Employee wellbeing and resilience is critical to a business’s capacity to survive, even thrive, through periods of prolonged uncertainty and change. So, what are the different factors that affect employee resilience?


Wellbeing and Engagement Check

Pulse Survey Summary

Wellbeing and Engagement Check is a 10-minute questionnaire that focuses on the areas we know as Psychologists have a direct impact on wellbeing and psychological health. Importantly, the survey also includes a measure of overall well-being using the World Health Organisation Wellbeing Index.


Plasticity & Stability in Personality

OPRA Plasticity and Stability

An exciting new breed of assessments that reflect modern neuroscientific thinking about personality has emerged. Understanding personality attributes in relation to plasticity and stability enables organisations to both recruit and upskill existing staff to be fit for the future.



OPRA Futureselves

In times of uncertainty and transition, it is easy to get absorbed into worrying about our careers and forgetting about other aspects of our lives. Here, we introduce to you the concept of Futureselves that will keep your focus on a long-term, future-focused perspective to develop yourself holistically, maintain your motivation during difficult times, and foster happiness and wellbeing.


Personality Preferences:
How People React to COVID-19

OPRA Personality Preferences

Everyone sees the world and reacts to situations differently. Understanding each other’s differences and preferences increases the ability for teams and leaders to connect, collaborate, and support each other during challenging times.


Helping Businesses & Employees Respond to the
Economic Impact Caused by COVID-19

COVID 19 Support

OPRA Psychology Group is committed to helping all organisations during this time of crisis. OPRA has a team of expert Psychologists and consultants who can assist in delivering focussed and concise support options to help those impacted by the economic challenges.


Career Transition Program

OPRA Career Transition Program

OPRA’s Career Transition Program, often referred to as Outplacement, has been designed to meet the needs of the individuals going through redundancy and job change, whilst taking into account the commercial impact on an organisation.


Personal Resilience in Uncertain Times

Personal Resilience OPRA Psychology

Resilience in psychology is the positive capacity of people to cope with stress and adversity. COVID-19 presents as a major health, social, economic and personal challenge which will require us to demonstrate resilience at home and work. OPRA has pulled together some simple but effective strategies for you to use, share within your workforce or with your friends and family.


Working Remotely

Working Remotely OPRA Psychology

Working remotely presents its challenges. It may be difficult to know what to do or how to manage if you find you must abruptly start working from home! Here are some tips for keeping well and being productive.


The Role of Leaders in Supporting Remote Teams

OPRA Leaders Supporting Remote Teams

During uncertain and stressful times, staff will look to leaders for guidance, support, and clarity. Key business practices may look a little bit different for the time being, but the functionality of leaders and managers to guide, support, ensure productivity and accountability remain integral to a business’ success.


Tips for Working From Home

Career Transition Program

Module 1

Module 1: Overview & Introduction

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Module 2

Module 2: Taking Stock

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Module 3

Module 3: Assessment

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Module 4

Module 4: Preparation

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Module 5

Module 5: Avenues to the
Employment Marketplace

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Module 6

Module 6: Winning at Interviews

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