From project design to reality,
these case studies tell the journey we have shared with some of our clients.


Driving and supporting business transformation

Following a period of rapid growth, AuCom experienced adverse business performance; largely brought on by a strong New Zealand dollar and the global financial crisis. Heightened levels of uncertainty and apprehension contributed to disconnected views about how the business should be run, a lack of cross functional communication and collaboration, and siloed decision making.

Over a period of 6 months, OPRA worked with AuCom’s leadership team in the delivery of a customised leadership programme which was aimed at lifting the collective potential of this group, their collaboration, communication, and agility.

Case Study

Supporting career transition
“Partnering with OPRA in the provision of Career Transition / Outplacement services gave us the confidence that our staff members would be well-looked after during this difficult time.”
Zoe Smith, Golder HR Manager by millions of webmasters worldwide for building th...
Case Study

Developing Aboriginal leaders
“OPRA displayed a high level of engagement with programme participants and provided timely and detailed information to key stakeholders”.
Sonja Stewart, NSW Deputy Commissioner
Case Study

Nurturing excellence
“The ‘a-ha’ moments throughout the activities, and even more so after reviewing the final report, have been amazing for me personally…… an intensely invigorating assessment centre.”
Tovia Va’aeula, Business Group Lead, Microsoft
Case Study

Going from good to great
Throughout this journey the OPRA team have coached us, held up the mirror, cheered us up, and helped us make well informed changes to our organisational culture… We’re still on the journey and they’re still with us”.
Charlotte Walshe, CEO, Dynamic Controls
Case Study

Maximising safety; minimising risk
“Safety testing has helped assess how existing employees were ‘hard wired’, the safety risks this posed for them and how they could change their behaviours and take ownership to reduce their risk of being injured”.
Janet Lee, Health and Safety Manager, HVTC
Case Study