Senior Consultant
MSc (Hons), PGDip I/O Psych

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Chris Densem

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: +64 4 499 2884

Chris is a senior consultant in the Wellington team and specialises in developing and applying assessment solutions to support selection, development, and organisational change. Chris takes a lead role in the delivery of OPRA’s psychometric accreditation training, as well as supporting clients and the wider OPRA team with their more challenging technical queries and requests. As part of OPRA’s product development team, Chris helps create and refine new assessment tools and systems. He works closely with clients to understand their needs and review customised solutions before release.

Highlights of Chris’ work at OPRA include; working with suppliers and competitors to integrate assessment systems and tools, delivering several multiple-assessment selection projects with easy to use reports, helping two public sector agencies revamp their selection processes, and the deployment of several iterations of automated assessment reporting into the Australasian market. Prior to starting at OPRA, Chris tutored Human Resources at the University of Canterbury whilst conducting his Masters research. This included examining recovery time from work-related stress and helping to develop reasoning ability and personality profiling assessments.

Outside of work Chris is a movie and sci-fi geek, and prone to spending long hours working on technical projects that, frankly, didn’t need to be started in the first place. His guitar playing has yet to improve despite untold hours spent watching acoustic covers on youTube, and since he can’t yet play ‘Freebird’ he won’t be taking requests. With Wellington home he also has an unhealthily strong opinion on coffee’s place in the body, and insists on walking when Uber would have been a perfectly legitimate option.