Leaving Value – Exit Interviewing as a Strategic Intervention

A common complaint from organisations is that exit interviews are a waste of time, effort, and money. The reason for this is that they are simply done as part of the checklist for any exiting employee. Box ticked. Job done. But therein lays the problem.

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Ethics in Our Profession – Finding More Questions Than Answers

Today, guidelines defined by the established professional bodies such as the Australian Psychological Society (APS), British Psychological Society (BPS), and the American Psychological Association (APA) are referred to as the benchmark for ethical practice in psychology.

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Data Is An Ingredient Not the Meal: 5 Key Things to Think About to Begin Turning Data Into Information

While data has value to solving organisational problems, it is not a solution in and of itself. This point is lost on clients who think that just by having data that the solution to problems such as retention, selection success and training evaluation will somehow reveal itself.

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The Adaptive Skills and Behaviours Required to Succeed in Future Work Environments

Organisations also need to adapt to the future of work to support these trends and demands, and ensure they are attracting, developing, and retaining top talent. A good place to start is by fostering and embracing the principles of organisational learning.

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Why HR Doesn’t Count – The Touchy Feely Side of Human Resources

A hallmark feature of high-performing businesses is the commercial value that the Human Resources department contributes to the organisation. In such organisations, HR has a seat at the boardroom table and even junior HR personnel are highly attuned to the commercial drivers of the business. For example they can quote staff attrition rates and the [...]

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The Myth That Criterion Related Validity Is a Simple Correlation Between Test Score and Work Outcome

Criterion validity is far more than the simple correlations that are found in technical manuals. Validity in this sense is more appropriately described as whether an assessment can deliver a proposed outcome in a given setting with a given group.

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Effective Talent Management

There is no doubt that more and more organisations are implementing talent management strategies and frameworks. However whilst talent management is fast becoming a strategic priority for many organisations, Collings & Mellahi (2009) suggest that the topic of talent management lacks a consistent definition and is still largely undefined. Literature reviews reveal that one [...]

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Outplacement: What are ‘Employers of Choice’ Doing in the Face of Job Cuts?

With the current downturn in the mining industry, management are making tough decisions regarding asset optimisation, cost management, risk management and profitability. Naturally, head count is being scrutinised more closely than ever. What isn’t hitting the headlines is what genuine ‘employers of choice’ are doing to support their exiting workforce and their remaining staff. [...]

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