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Finally, Some Good News of the Replication Front – Sorta

While the failure to replicate findings from the psychological literature has been a common critique of psychology in the recent press, one area of psychology which does appear to replicate is that of trait-based prediction, a finding that is especially relevant for I/O Psychology.

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Plagiarism in the 21st Century

Turnitin, the plagiarism detector that most Universities use was sold, with the writer of the Nature article questioning its usefulness. Having used Turnitin for years now, I have found the software to be improving continually, and the software regularly picks most aspects of plagiarism relatively fast.

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The Gendered Brain and the Seven Deadly Sins of Psychological Science

A new book has recently hit the market that I believe should be mandatory reading for most scientists in the field. The book is called - 'The Gendered Brain: The New Neuroscience That Shatters The Myth Of The Female Brain' - and the key premise of the book is that men and women’s brains are simply not that different.

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The Role Of The Executive Psychologist As A Coach

I believe that executive coaches, with the pre-requisites in business and a background and affiliation to psychology, make excellent coaches. Here are my top four reasons for the benefits of the executive psychologist as a coach.

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What Is Organisational Development and Why Is It Important?

There are few words than cause fear as quickly as the word Change. Despite being anxiety inducing, it is the organisations that embrace change who survive; however, those who remain stagnant often fail. As Benjamin [...]

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What is a More Strategic and Encompassing Approach to a Performance Management System Framework?

A Performance Management System (PMS) offers a guiding map to direct efforts and to assess how successfully organisations are meeting their business objectives. Successfully implemented PMS provide productivity improvements and enhanced strategic capabilities.

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Can I Take Psychometric Assessments for Recruitment and Selection?

Psychometric assessments provide detailed understanding of a candidate’s cognitive abilities, behavioural and personality style, values and motivations.

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What Is a Coaching and Development Performance Management Model?

Research supports that developing the emotional intelligence of managers equips them with the skills and abilities to provide their employees with effective and continuous coaching for performance.

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5 Ways Organisational Leadership Training Can Benefit Your Company

Good leadership is a key ingredient to an organisation’s success. Many companies promote employees into leadership positions based on their technical expertise, however, it takes more than technical knowledge to make a successful leader.

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