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Beng Huan joined OPRA in 2014 and is dedicated to raising the profile of industrial/organisational psychology in the Asia-Pacific region from OPRA’s home base in Singapore.

Prior to joining OPRA, Beng Huan held a diverse portfolio in the practice of psychology, including education, training and development, counselling and coaching, crises debriefing, and employee assistance programmes. More recently, his focus has been in the areas of psychometric assessments, coaching and counselling, and in the delivery of training and development across a variety of topics (i.e., resilience, mindfulness, healthy thinking, and emotional intelligence). Beng Huan is also an adjunct lecturer for psychology and counselling modules for various tertiary institutions in Singapore.

In the early years of his career, Beng Huan helped build STIKFAS™ – Singapore’s first international toy brand, where he was involved in everything from product development and branding strategies, to human resource and public relations. He also helped cement working relationships with international toy-related companies such as Hasbro Inc. (US), Takara-Tomy (Japan) and Wizard Entertainment (US). The success of this local brand has also given him many opportunities to conduct consultations and presentations to various educational and government institutions on subjects of entrepreneurship and creativity.

Beng Huan holds a Masters degree in Occupational Psychology (UK), a Post Graduate Diploma in Psychology (Aus), and a Bachelor of Science in Applied Psychology (Aus). He is also a registered occupational test user with the European Federation of Psychological Societies (EFPA) and British Psychological Society (BPS). His personal interests are as diverse as his career history. He practices Kendo, plays percussion, draws, reads, and collects toys.