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Simon Miller

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Simon holds a BBS and a PGDip Bus Admin from Massey University, and is our South Island Manager. He is an accredited Emotional Intelligence master coach and trainer, and specialises in the design and delivery of blended learning and development solutions; incorporating e-Learning, facilitator-led workshops, on-the-job learning, and leader-led coaching.

NZ Health and Safety Legislation; Fostering Wellbeing and Resilience

With the recent changes to Health and Safety (H&S) legislation, New Zealand employers need to ensure that they are taking all practicable steps to ensure both the mental and physical well-being of their employees is being protected within the workplace. This includes adopting proactive and developmental approaches that foster wellbeing and resilience; which is [...]

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The Adaptive Skills and Behaviours Required to Succeed in Future Work Environments

Organisations also need to adapt to the future of work to support these trends and demands, and ensure they are attracting, developing, and retaining top talent. A good place to start is by fostering and embracing the principles of organisational learning.

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Effective Talent Management

There is no doubt that more and more organisations are implementing talent management strategies and frameworks. However whilst talent management is fast becoming a strategic priority for many organisations, Collings & Mellahi (2009) suggest that the topic of talent management lacks a consistent definition and is still largely undefined. Literature reviews reveal that one [...]

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