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Dr. Paul Englert is a co-founder of OPRA and Managing Director of OPRA in Asia Pacific. Since 1997 Paul’s professional career has had a single focus. That is to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of organisations through the appropriate application of Industrial/Organisational (I/O) Psychology.

Data Is An Ingredient Not the Meal: 5 Key Things to Think About to Begin Turning Data Into Information

While data has value to solving organisational problems, it is not a solution in and of itself. This point is lost on clients who think that just by having data that the solution to problems such as retention, selection success and training evaluation will somehow reveal itself.

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The Myth That Criterion Related Validity Is a Simple Correlation Between Test Score and Work Outcome

Criterion validity is far more than the simple correlations that are found in technical manuals. Validity in this sense is more appropriately described as whether an assessment can deliver a proposed outcome in a given setting with a given group.

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Never Forget Your Occam’s Razor When Travelling!

In my previous role in the UK, I was often confronted by very complex measures of psychological traits. This included the likes of multi-faceted competency models, complex appraisal forms, and measures of engagement with more scales than a grand piano.

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Playing Games Makes You A Better Person?

So often in society, obvious conclusions are drawn for complex interactions. A classic case of this is the supposed rise in violent crime and video games. Firstly the rise in crime is indeed far more a media phenomena than a reality. In many countries, crime is decreasing and certainly if looked at in a historical [...]

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A Big Theory

For my last blog on the psychological articles in the Economist, I would like to draw people’s attention away from I/O psychology and into more fundamental science. For those that don’t know, Stephen Hawkins is attempting to find a unifying theory of the universe that connects both theories of the very large (such as gravity) [...]

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