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Leadership Development: Have We Cut Off Our Nose To Spite Our Face?

With an interest in New Zealand’s upcoming leadership week, I read an interesting article suggesting that some organisations have inadvertently reduced their future leadership pool over recent years. In response to a changing economic environment, a need to reduce costs, and the tendency to follow stringent leadership models, organisations may have reduced their ‘leadership pipeline’ [...]

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Motivate Me

I read an interesting article from Genos founder Ben Palmer last week titled “The Me Factor” recently published in the Australian magazine, HR Monthly. It discussed the emerging trend of engagement not just being a factor relevant at the organisational level anymore, but something that needs to be looked at an individual level as well. [...]

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How To Choose The “Right” Career

I’ve had several conversations with people recently about the career choices we make throughout our lives. While some of us actively choose a course of study because it ties into getting our ‘ideal job’, most of us have no idea what our ideal job is, or how to find it. So, generally, university is the [...]

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5 Tips For Extending The Feeling After A Vacation

Whether it be kicking it up on a 60ft yacht cruising the Adriatic coastline or sauntering the eastern beaches of the Coromandel, we can only attest to how fantastic it is to revel in the joy of being on vacation. Vacations replenish resources drained by the often unsympathetic demands of the working life, and more [...]

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So Little Time And So Much To Do: The Impact Of Pacing Strategies On The Accuracy Of Ability Results

It’s a job you really want and the first interview went well. Now they’ve got you sitting in front of a computer in a testing room. You have been given the instructions and tried some example questions. The administrator has left the room and the ability test has begun. Seven minutes fifty-nine seconds, seven minutes [...]

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Motivation: Why Doesn’t Business Do What Science Knows?

The secret to high performance isn’t rewards; it involves tapping into unseen, intrinsic drives. We are most motivated when we are directing our own work, becoming an expert in a particular area, and contributing to something larger than ourselves.

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