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Ben holds an Honours Degree in Psychology and is a Registered Psychologist, specialising in psychometric assessment, assessment/development centres, executive coaching and career transition/outplacement. Ben heads up OPRA Australia and its five national offices.

Why HR Doesn’t Count – The Touchy Feely Side of Human Resources

A hallmark feature of high-performing businesses is the commercial value that the Human Resources department contributes to the organisation. In such organisations, HR has a seat at the boardroom table and even junior HR personnel are highly attuned to the commercial drivers of the business. For example they can quote staff attrition rates and the [...]

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Outplacement: What are ‘Employers of Choice’ Doing in the Face of Job Cuts?

With the current downturn in the mining industry, management are making tough decisions regarding asset optimisation, cost management, risk management and profitability. Naturally, head count is being scrutinised more closely than ever. What isn’t hitting the headlines is what genuine ‘employers of choice’ are doing to support their exiting workforce and their remaining staff. [...]

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