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HR analytics: The essential part of human resource management

HR Analytics

OPRA’s approach to HR analytics is quite simple: Data is the enabler, not the end result. But let’s be honest; the best metrics are often the most difficult to gather. So, while we are passionate about using meaningful, HR and predictive metrics, we don’t fixate on the data, and instead, target the insights they give us.

  • Equip leaders to forecast flight risk, identify stars, or profile their talent.
  • Implement solutions that focus everyone on the problem and what’s important.
  • Confirm the ROI of different initiatives and programmes.
  • Funnel resources into areas of greatest impact.

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OPRA data insights make a difference

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“Post participation in OPRA’s transformational change programme, there was a 50% reduction in employee relation incidents reported to HR.”
AuCom Electronics, 2015

Case Study
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“Through OPRA’s improved apprentice assessment there was a $130,000 reduction in workers’ compensation cost in the first 12 months.”
Hunter Valley Training Company, 2012

Case Study

Evaluate Programme Return

Too often, HR and OD teams will throw thousands of dollars at cleverly designed selection, training, and development programmes without any thought as to whether these initiatives will actually deliver on intended outcomes. The ROI metric is a powerful indicator to assist leaders understand what programmes are working, which are not, and focus HR on continuous improvement.

Numbers are the best way to influence decision makers. In this space, OPRA has a long track record of assisting HR raise its profile and funnel resources to high impact, high return areas on the basis of robust, quantifiable data. Recent evaluation projects have been delivered for News Corporation, the NZ Transport Agency, Farmers Mutual Group, NZ Police, Sovereign, Department of Corrections, NZ Post, the NZ Ambulance Education Council and Jacklinks.

OPRA has had vast experience in the delivery of programme evaluations, using a range of different techniques, methods, analyses, and designs.

2020 – Analysis of behavioural architectural solutions (Nudges) for a large telecommunications company, Brunei.

2019 – Global IT provider: Validation of a video interviewing and SJT solution.

2018 – Australian Banking group – validation of a future skills capability framework and of the assessment solution designed to measure ten future skills, such as human-machine interaction.

2017 – Australian Public Service Commission – validation of an assessment solution which measures digital capability across an IT cohort.

2016 – Australian apprentice training body – assessment of predictors for the apprenticeship completion rates in Australia.

2015 – Apprentice Safety Validation / Analysis – Hunter Valley Training Company. Australia.

2014 – Safety Profiling – George Weston Foods (Tip Top Bakeries). Australia.

2013 – Job Analysis. Electrix. New Zealand.

2012 – Evaluation of CareerBoards – International Job Board. Australia.

2011 – Evaluation of Stakeholder Survey Activity – NZ Transport Agency. New Zealand.

2010 – Job Analysis of Rural Manager’s Role and Competency model – FMG. New Zealand.

2009 – Job Analysis of the Probationary Constable Role – NZ Police. New Zealand.

2008 – Conduct and Collate Various Validity Studies Relating Job Performance to Psychometric Tests – Psytech.

2007 – Sovereign VBO and First Class Programme Evaluation Project – Sovereign. New Zealand.

2006 – Employment Preparation Programme – Department for Corrections. New Zealand.

2005 – Design and Evaluation of Exercise-based Assessment Centre – NZ Post. New Zealand.

2004 – Evaluation of Job Roles – Jacklinks. New Zealand.

2003 – Health and Safety Issues in Fisheries Compliance Evaluation – NZ Fisheries. New Zealand.

2002 – Evaluation of Workplace Assessment and Training – IHC. New Zealand.

2001 – The CSSITO Research Project – CSSITO. New Zealand.

2000 – Community Economic Development. Lessons Learnt from Cannons Creek – Pacific Development Trust. New Zealand.

1999 – A Review of the Training and Career Aspirations of Ambulance Officers – NZ Ambulance Education Council. New Zealand.

1998 – The Final Report for the Needs Based Self Assessment Tool – Work and Income New Zealand. New Zealand.

1998 – Forecasting Individual Long-term Employment – Work and Income New Zealand. New Zealand.

1997 – Needs Based Assistance Development Project: Final Report – New Zealand Employment Services. New Zealand.

If we are serious about demonstrating the value of HR, then we need to talk the language of business; numbers and dollar return.