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Delivering sustainable assessment and development talent solutions

OPRA’s accreditation programmes give you immediate access to a comprehensive, world-class portfolio of tools, resources and skills to support the selection and development of staff.

Each programme is built with the adult learner in mind and uses a combination of blended learning that is supported by inspirational content and contemporary research. We have flexible delivery options for both virtual or face to face. Not only does our approach make the learning more engaging, but we provide you with essential resources and support you need to independently deliver and create sustainable solutions. You will see tangible impacts for improved behavioural change, performance and culture.

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Our Philosophy

All our assessment and development programmes are built on the principles of applied knowledge for sustainable solutions and practical outcomes. Our programs promote agile, adult learning focused on creating a greater knowledge base and multi-skill set development.

We incorporate blended learning that incorporates a comprehensive mix of psychometric assessments, surveys, face-to-face or virtual workshops, self-directed learning assignments, on-going coaching/support and performance or workshop support aids.

We offer our Accredit “train-the-trainer” options to build in-house capability that enables you to cost-effectively and independently deliver or facilitate our assessment and develop offerings in a way that maintains programme momentum.

blended learning

What You Can Expect

All programmes incorporate a comprehensive mix of :
• Psychometric assessment
• Self-directed learning
• On-going coaching
• Training tools and aids and performance support aids

• Built with the adult-learner in mind, our programmes.
• Delivered by registered business psychologists and HR experts.
• Learn from their wealth of practical experience.

Multiple delivery options:
• Face to face
• Virtual deliver options: Public and in-house training

Discounted future training costs for training completed within the same year.

OPRA Accredit Offerings


Learn how to utilise assessments to support both selection and development solutions. Multiple options allow you to administer, interpret and use psychometric assessments for greater system wide talent applications including induction, team fit, ideal profiling, coaching, career development, health and safety and leadership development.

Team Development

Accreditation allows you to build cohesive, well-functioning teams where each member can play to their own strengths and have greater understanding, make adaptations or compensate for others styles and preferences in order to maximise team strengths. Accreditation will enable you to provide individual personality profile coaching and facilitate team development sessions and workshops.

Emotional Development

OPRA partner with Genos International to provide an Emotional Intelligence (EI) Accreditation Programme specially designed to develop your own capability and help you assess, measure and develop emotionally intelligent behaviours in others. You will leave this accreditation programme being able to Develop individuals’ emotional intelligence by assessing and debriefing their assessment results, provide practical tools and techniques for applying emotional intelligence in the workplace and design and deliver group based emotional intelligence development sessions.

Interview Training

Participants will learn how to effectively run interviews to get the best value from them. You will learn how to develop and administer competency-based interviews to address key job competencies identified in a relevant position descriptions. This course will look at best practice recruitment methodology, covering the best interview approaches, technique and skills and structure of effective interviewing sessions.

Assessment Centres

OPRA’s assessment centre training covers both aspects of design and assessment Center delivery. Upon completion of both components, participants will be able to design, run, and assess activities in an assessment Center competently. They will learn how to integrate results to provide valuable selection or development insights and feedback.


OPRA accreditation allows you to learn the essential skills, techniques and approaches to coaching. You will be able to confidently deliver coaching services that enable self-awareness and growth potential with the people you work with. This course offers you a recognised program that gives you the valuable skills and the coaching toolkit that you need.

Master Practitioner

accredit master

Once you complete all six OPRA Accredit programs you will be gain an OPRA Master Practitioner accreditation. This provides you with a range of skills and programs to create long term, organisation-wide solutions.

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