Personal Resilience in Uncertain Times

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Resilience in psychology is the positive capacity of people to cope with stress and adversity. COVID-19 presents as a major health, social, economic and personal challenge which will require us to demonstrate resilience at home and work. OPRA has pulled together some simple but effective strategies for you to use, share within your workforce or with your friends and family.

Stress and anxiety during an infectious disease outbreak can lead us to be prone to:

  • Changes in sleep pattern, difficulty sleeping.
  • Worry or fear over our health and for those around us.
  • Difficulty concentrating.
  • Increased use of drugs and alcohol or other substances.
  • Exacerbation of other physical illnesses or chronic health problems.

Proactive Strategies

The most effective strategies are those that become a way of life that are done proactively in your day-to-day activities, rather than something done reactively.

Thinking strategies – One of the most effective ways of managing emotions is to think about emotions from different perspectives. For example, exploring the benefits and consequences of emotions; causes of them; and different ways of responding to them.

Physiological strategies – Our physiology can have an impact on the way we feel and manage stress. Changing our physiology through exercise, diet, sleep and other like activities can help us manage emotions more effectively and build our resilience.

Relationship strategies – Connecting and sharing with others provides us with the opportunity to express and explore our feelings and get someone else’s input or support for them. Expressing how we feel can help us manage our emotions and feel differently about them.

Environment strategies – Factors external to us can impact how we feel at work, like deadlines, too much work, or simply the environment we are working in. Changing our conditions and/or our working environment can help improve the way we feel and our resilience.

Download “Personal Resilience in Uncertain Times” for recommendations on what to do (PDF, 262kb)

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