Can I Take Psychometric Assessments for Recruitment and Selection?

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There is no doubt that the use of psychometric assessments plays a significant role with recruitment and selection. It is estimated that in Australia, more than 40% of companies engage in some form of psychometric assessment to find the most appropriate candidate, and this number is growing quickly. Psychometric assessments are continuing to gain traction due to the fact they’re a scientific and objective method of selecting candidates, by highlighting each candidate’s areas of strength and development .

The aim of the psychometric assessments is to gain an accurate and detailed understanding of the candidate’s cognitive abilities, behavioural and personality style, as well as the candidates values and motivations. In addition to this there are a range of additional batteries available to assess specific aspects of the roles such as sales preference, health and safety and mechanical reasoning. Understanding the connections between role specific competencies and personal attributes , allows selection of candidates who are likely to outperform others, as well as their level of ‘fit’ to both culture and role.

Assessing the ‘fit’ of a candidate can often be difficult to gage in a traditional interview, however conducting an interview with a psychometric evaluation enables a more detailed and directed interview. While psychometric assessments may be seen as a magic bullet, research suggests to get the best picture possible of a candidate, is to pair the assessments with an interview process where the results of the assessments can be discussed in more detail as well as a work sample test, where a candidate is required to perform a task which would be required within the job.

Recruiting and selecting the wrong staff can be costly in terms of finance and time, research suggests this cost can exceed 3 times the candidates salary. Furthermore, research suggests that use of psychometric assessments can reduce associated costs by 50% to 95% in some cases. This is why getting the selection process correct at the beginning is critical for success. Psychometric assessments add another dimension, objectivity and science, providing detailed insight into the candidate that even the most seasoned interviewer can’t determine.

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