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I read an interesting article from Genos founder Ben Palmer last week titled “The Me Factor” recently published in the Australian magazine, HR Monthly. It discussed the emerging trend of engagement not just being a factor relevant at the organisational level anymore, but something that needs to be looked at an individual level as well. With the war on talent heating up again, Palmer states that “employee engagement is back on the top priority list of many organisations”.

Recent research into the individual determinants of workplace motivation by Palmer and his team uncovered some interesting findings. Specifically, 24% of employees surveyed over a range of organisations reported that they were unmotivated by a fast-paced work environment with tight deadlines; 37% were neither motivated nor unmotivated by this; and yet 39% very highly motivated by it. Along the same lines, 43% were unmotivated by a technical specialist as a manager, yet 18% were highly motivated by this. Such figures clearly demonstrate differences in individual motivational needs.

So how can we continue to drive employee engagement? Is the traditional group surveying followed by large-scale initiatives still paying the same dividends? Or is it as simple as taking the time to sit down person to person and talk about what it is that motivates us? It comes as no surprise to hear that we all have different things that excite and drive as at work. Is now the time to concentrate more on the “me” in each employee?

Palmer, B. (May, 2011). “The Me Factor”. HR Monthly, pp. 33-38.

This post was originally written by OPRA Alumni Amy-Kate Snowise.

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