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Stakeholder Surveys

Stakeholder surveys are an effective tool for managing, measuring, and evaluating stakeholders' attitudes towards an organisation.  They can also assist in understanding how an organisation is performing against agreed business objectives.  As a strategic tool, stakeholder surveys can be used to inform organisations about the views of key individuals who have a 'stake' in the business, including customers, community groups, and private and public sector agencies.

Stakeholder surveys typically include a combination of qualitative and quantitative survey questions, telephone, and face-to-face interviews.   OPRA staff are skilled in the design and delivery of stakeholder surveys, and will work with your organisation to:  

  • Help explore why you would like to complete the survey and the specific areas you would like to measure
  • Tailor survey questions to ensure the opinions of all your stakeholders are gathered
  • Ensure data collection methods are designed to facilitate dialogue and build opportunities to create ongoing value for your stakeholders

OPRA's stakeholder reports will allow your organisation to identify:

  • The specific areas that impact most on stakeholder satisfaction
  • The areas of organisational functioning that most contribute to stakeholder perceptions of performance
  • The areas of organisational functioning that best capture stakeholders' expectations of service (both now and in the future)

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