OPRA’s Accredit programmes give you immediate access to a comprehensive, world class portfolio of tools to support the selection and development of staff.

All programmes incorporate a comprehensive mix of pre-assessment, self-directed learning, on-going coaching, and performance support aids. Built with the adult-learner in mind, our programmes are delivered by registered business psychologists and HR experts with a wealth of practical experience.

  • Psychometric training is aligned to industry standards of best practice.
  • Public and in-house training options are available for your convenience.
  • Accumulate credits towards a Master Class certification and discounts on future training and consulting services.
  • Get accredited for life; subject to ethical test use.

Administration Accreditation

Accredit Long Distance

Self-directed learning in your time and at your pace. For in-house test users who are responsible for the selection, administration, and scoring of tests.

Accredit Face-to-Face

Covering all long-distance content, this is a highly interactive and practical programme delivered in a group setting.

Interpretation Accreditation

Accredit Interpretation Stage 1 (3 days)

A public course, participants are skilled in the interpretation of OPRA’s primary personality and ability tests. Post-training, a probationary accreditation is awarded. Test administration training is a course prerequisite.

Accredit Customised (2 days)

Intended for in-house delivery, our psychometric course is customised to explicitly cover the tests you want to use and with your organisational needs in mind.

Accredit Interpretation Stage 2 (1 day)

This public programme extends Stage 1 content to include OPRA’s specialist test options. Post-training, participants are fully accredited in the OPRA test suite.

Accredit Conversion (1 day)

This programme is for individuals who have completed training by another test supplier. Provided previous training meets the same OPRA standard, you don’t need full re-training by us.

Specialist Accreditation

Accredit Assessment/Development Centres (3 days)

A hands-on programme covering all elements of assessment and development centre design, logistics, exercise selection, scoring, and output evaluation.

Accredit Motivation and Engagement (1 day)

Grounded in research, this programme tackles the four critical areas of employee motivation: role, manager, team, and culture, and upskills participants in a robust coaching toolkit to facilitate staff engagement.

Accredit Emotional Intelligence (2 days)

For individuals who want to support the selection (day 1) and development (day 2) of more emotionally intelligent staff.

Accredit Effective Teams (1 day)

A highly interactive programme that provides a common language for building high performance, cohesive teams. Training includes the Jung-Type Indicator (a modern alternative to the MBTI) or Belbin Team tool.

Accredit Healthy Thinking (1 day)

This programme equips participants with proven Emotional Algebra™ techniques to treat unhealthy attitudes at work and home; with colleagues and friends.  Participants gain Level 1 accreditation in Healthy Thinking.

Accredit Structured Interviewing (1 day)

A highly practical programme covering both situational and competency-based interview design and delivery. Content is highly specific to each geographical region.

Get a Master Class certificate

For every successfully completed Accredit programme, you will automatically accumulate credits towards a Master Class certification. This will entitle you to discounts on a wide range of OPRA training and consulting services.