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What We Do
You want the best candidate.
We confirm their potential.
You want to grow your talent.
We develop high achievers.
You want a stronger culture.
We uncover what’s motivating your people.
You want to build self-sufficiency.
We provide the knowledge.
You want insights.
We’ll help make the connections.

Who We Are

At OPRA, our purpose has always been quite simple; we inspire individuals, teams, and organisations to be the very best they can be.
It’s about nurturing excellence in business and excellence in people.

What Sets Us Apart

Strategic solutions not a transactional service

Doing business in today’s marketplace is not easy. Leaders are under more scrutiny than ever before to do more with less, to work smarter, and improve efficiencies under tight financial constraints.

To achieve these outcomes, organisations need a strategic partner who takes a systems approach to business. In a nutshell, this is OPRA’s point of difference.

Aucom partners with OPRA to win HRINZ award
Research & Insights

At OPRA, we combine a large dose of expertise, innovation,
and a commitment to best-practice so you’ll get solutions that have a lasting impact.

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